Fair of the Impossibles


Fair of the Impossibles


  • Company:   Civi Civiac
  • Show:   The Fair of the Impossibles
  • Number of members:   3
  • Format:   Street
  • Disciplines:   Installation, Magic
  • Audience:   All Ages
  • Duration:   120
  • Set up:   120
  • Scenic space size:   20x20
  • Synopsis:  

    It proposes diverse participation games, where the public gets involved into a magical world, where nothing is what it seems to be. Aimed to all audiences, it makes us play, participate and think, with different boxes and mysterious objects that compose this vintage fair of more than 350 square meters.
    The Fair is composed by 25 items including: Tables, ingenious gadgets, magical inventions, mys-terious boxes, surreal mirrors, double vision paintings, kaleidoscopes, etc ..
    Thanks to the aesthetics of the boxes, made by craftsmen, the costumes of the early century and the music, it manages to emulate the curious fair barracks and makes the audience to get immersed and to travel to the typical ancient fairs.

  • Video:  

    Empezamos!!!! La Feria de los Imposibles y la Carpa Magica, en el paseo de la Iglesia en el Fimag - Fira Internacional de Màgia, Torroella de Montgri. Precioso espacio para nuestra gran instalación de Magia de época!

    Publicada por CIVI-CIVIAC PRODUCCIONES, S.L. en Sábado, 10 de junio de 2017