Circus Fair


Circus Fair


  • Company:   ARTmosfera
  • Show:   The Circus Fair
  • Number of members:   3
  • Format:   Street
  • Disciplines:   Circus, Installation, Workshop
  • Audience:   All Ages
  • Duration:   150
  • Set up:   120
  • Scenic space size:   20x20
  • Synopsis:  

    An installation where people from all ages will have the chance to try different circus techniques and test their skills in coordination, balance, concentration, flexibility and strength.
    Juggling with diabolos, balls or chinese plates; balance on the cable or stillts, are some of the disciplines that the participants will have the chance to try and learn.
    The Circus Fair, is a great opportunity to strengthen ties with our children, fostering affection and confidence while learning and enjoying circus techniques.
    Ideal for groups of families looking for a playful activity in which they will be the main protagonists.
    This installation can include a 30 minutes show, where different circus and magic techniques are performed with great ability and the participation of the audience.

  • Video:  

    Está claro que lo de hacer videos profesionales no es lo nuestro 🤣 pero con el poco material que tenemos hasta ahora, queríamos enseñaros de que va nuestra nueva propuesta "FERIA DEL CIRCO" con la que ya hemos hecho un par de bolos en Aragón y en Irán! Esperamos vengan muchos más.

    Publicada por ARTmósfera - Residencia Artística Rural en Lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2018