ConMuchoArte Gestion Cultural



  • Company:   Francico Obregon
  • Show:   Sophia
  • Number of members:   1
  • Format:   Street, Theatre, and Gala/Variete
  • Disciplines:   Comedy, Puppettheatre
  • Audience:   All Ages
  • Duration:   30
  • Set up:   20
  • Scenic space size:   5x5m
  • Synopsis:  

    Have you ever had the illusion that inanimate is alive? If this sensation surprise and fascinate you, imagine to create a character and to have not only for a moment the same sensation. This emotion is doubly strong and it creates a sort of complicity and love towards the fruit of its own creativity and work.
    This is exactely what happened to Francisco a few years ago, in a rainy afternoon in Santiago, when he realised that the puppet he was creating was a Lady. Love at first sight.
    They have never parted. But as all couples, they have their problems. Sophia is self-centred, provocative, a foam rubber star. During the show Sophia, in an atmosphere of music, dance and humor, changes reality into fantasy, going beyond the line between actor and public. From passive observator the spectator becomes dynamic party, giving the actor always new opportunities for improvisation, and creating each time a unique and original show. The cutting humor and irreverent behaviour of Sophia fascinate children, conquer men and provoke women, but in the end, they all realise to be fond of this indisciplined “Pinocchia”, alive thanks to this refined technique of manipulation.

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