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Punto y Coma


Punto y Coma


  • Company:   El Cruce
  • Show:   Punto y Coma
  • Number of members:   2
  • Format:   Street and Theatre
  • Disciplines:   Circus-Theatre, Clown, Physical Theatre
  • Audience:   All Ages and Adults
  • Duration:   50
  • Set up:   60
  • Scenic space size:   5x6
  • Synopsis:  

    Punto y Coma are not here.
    Their world doesn’t exist.
    If you can see them you are a privileged person.
    In their fantastic world objects are alive, movement talks and the words fly away. They coexist in a forgotten space lost in time, in a strange place where images dance and fragility trembles It is a unique space inhabited by books, strange beings and reinvented objects; a magical and surprising place disturbingly familiar.
    They are complicatedly simple, emotionally logical and nostalgically funny … In their poetic world, things are not what they seem, Punto y Coma either.
    This eccentric couple makes the absurd something vital and turns the everyday into an experience of extraordinary dimensions. Together they present a fun universe where logic is transformed through the actions and relationships of two eccentric characters in a book garden. Their reality can be confusing, their actions reckless, their aspectintimidating… but do not fear, in spite of everything they are ridiculously harmless.
    PUNTO y COMA is a contemporary scenic proposal that explores the boundaries of Circus-Theatre, taking its inspiration from Expressionism and the Theater of the Absurd, it explores the concepts of “culture” and “knowledge” exploring the poetic and expressive possibilities of contemporary circus and physical theater.
    El Cruce develops with Punto y Coma a language of its own with which to transmit a unique, risky and terrifyingly absurd experience to the spectator.

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