L’orchestre immaginaire


L’orchestre immaginaire


  • Company:   Eric Tarantola
  • Show:   L'orchestre immaginaire
  • Number of members:   1
  • Format:   Street
  • Disciplines:   Music
  • Audience:   All Ages
  • Duration:   45
  • Set up:   20
  • Scenic space size:   3x3
  • Synopsis:  

    A graceful musician with a surprisingly funny odd look start laying a carpet in your street. Suddenly out of little music machines and tricks, he is turning into a magic orchestra. Eric Tarantola joggles with a wide variety of instruments, switching from his “Guitanjo” combining a Guitar and a Banjo to trombone or drums using a sequence recording machine blending all types of sound effects.
    His music genre is a combination of varied influences from jazz, funk, classic, world music, circus music and more… He also shaped his style along his travels and encounters in Spain, France, South America or Africa.
    More than a street artist concert, Eric Tarantola is inviting you to a journey through his music, boldness and talent to bring his audience off their feet.

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