Lo quieto del movimiento


Lo quieto del movimiento


  • Company:   Juana Beltran
  • Show:   Lo quieto del movimiento
  • Number of members:   1
  • Format:   Street and Gala/Variete
  • Disciplines:   Balances, Circus, Handstands
  • Audience:   All Ages
  • Duration:   5
  • Set up:   5
  • Scenic space size:   4x4
  • Synopsis:  

    An empty space and only onebody that deforms itself to break its balance.
    Quiet, moving, precise….?
    “Lo quieto del movimiento” is a number of research and own movement style, using the technique of balancing on the hands.
    She plays with the multiple possibilities that the body gives, using different surfaces, heights and speeds to merge fluid motion with fixed figures.
    Matching the music, quietness and movement intertwine this piece.

  • Video: