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La Fiesta


La Fiesta


  • Company:   Cia A Tope
  • Show:   La Fiesta
  • Number of members:   2
  • Format:   Street, Theatre, and Gala/Variete
  • Disciplines:   Acrobatics, Circus, Clown
  • Audience:   All Ages
  • Duration:   30
  • Set up:   20
  • Scenic space size:   6x6
  • Synopsis:  

    A show full of humor and many acrobatics with a very particular and authentic language. Aimed for the entire family, this show fusionates dance, object manipulation and hand-to-hand technique, enriched by the clown.

    Pablito and Romi, two apprentices of master of ceremonies, are in charge of receiving and entertaining the audience.
    Their personalities are not always noble and often contradictory, these two characters must share the same space and work together leaving their egos aside.
    Using classical music as inspiration point Roma and Pablito will seek to
    entertain the spectators through dance, acrobatics and clowneries.
    Will they be able to work together? Will the spectators have the party they deserve?

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