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Funny Magic


Funny Magic


  • Company:   Carlos Adriano
  • Show:   Funny Magic
  • Number of members:   1
  • Format:   Street, Theatre, and Gala/Variete
  • Disciplines:   Clown, Magic
  • Audience:   All Ages and Children
  • Duration:   40
  • Set up:   30
  • Scenic space size:   4x3m
  • Synopsis:  

    Carlos Adriano’s show is an exciting mix of amazing magic and hilarious comedy that transports the audience to a world where everything is possible.
    When he is on stage, he creates a super entertaining atmosphere that invites the audience to become protagonists of the show, making each presentation different from the previous one.
    The spectators who collaborate as improvised helpers, are involved in hilarious situations full of laughter and magic.

    With training in magic, theater and clown, and a wide experience in the most diverse stages, Carlos Adriano offers a unique and unforgettable spectacle full of laughter, participation and lots of magic.

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