Al Vuelo


Al Vuelo


  • Company:   La Querida
  • Show:   Al Vuelo
  • Number of members:   2
  • Format:   Street
  • Disciplines:   Circus, Cyr Wheel, Feetjuggling, Magic
  • Audience:   All Ages
  • Duration:   45
  • Set up:   120
  • Scenic space size:   7x6m
  • Synopsis:  

    On behalf of La Querida Airlines crew, we welcome you.
    We want to thank you for your preference and we hope to provide you with the best attention and unforgettable entertainment.
    We inform you that our cabin crew is prepared for any unforeseen event, that has been trained in the ancestral discipline with the feet and in the most avant-garde techniques of acrobatic! And is at your disposal to make your time fly by …
    Adjust your belts and enjoy the trip. La Querida Airlines wishes you a pleasant and surprising flight.

  • Video: