"You just have to imagine your perfect event, and we will make it come true."

We take care of the conception, planning and execution of circus and street theater festivals as well as other types of private and public events.
We also offer assistance, production and artistic direction to existing festivals that need advice in the elaboration of their programs.

Our international experience allows us to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the current cultural scene.

Besides of collaborating with numerous festivals in more than 20 countries, we would like to highlight following works within our production projects:

- Private performance for Quentin Tarantino and his crew of "Inglourious Basterds" at the Babelsberg film studios, Potsdam, Germany (2008)
- Artistic programme of the Berlin K├╝rbisfest (2010)
- Production assistance for the Callearte Festival in El Quisco, Chile (2013)
- Jury member of the Darbandikhan International Street Theater Festival (Iraqi Kurdistan) (2013)
- Integral production of a 2 and a half charity tour through Europe, to provide funds to a social circus school in Nairobi (2015)

If you are thinking of organizing an event, a festival or a circus program, do not hesitate to contact us , without any commitment. After listening to your ideas, we will propose the program that best suits your possibilities and requirements, and if you like it, we will continue until the last step.

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