Tuto Tul

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  • Nombre Compañía : Tuto Tul
  • Nombre Espectáculo : Pocket Circus
  • Procedencia : Argentina
  • Tipologia : Calle
  • Disciplinas : Circo-Teatro
  • Duracion : 60
  • Tiempo Montaje : 20
  • Tiempo Desmontaje : 15
  • Público al que va dirigido : Familiar
  • Número de Integrantes : 1

    Pocket circus

    The world is a magic suitcase and when Tuto Tul opens his in front of us, we travel through an amazing adventure full of poetry with balls dancing in the air, living objects and a tree where strange fruits ripen. Will this universe be able to relieve the hunger of this crazy and homeless clown? Will his imagination be able to create a living world?

    José Guirado

    In 2005, he created “Tuto Tul” company in his birth-town Rosario (Argentina).
    This company emerged from the need of combining theatre, sport, kung fu and long years of experience as a clown and as street circus performer.
    He gathered his father, Gustavo Guirado (actor, director and playwright), Hernán Fernández (Chinese Martial Arts teacher) and Piero Arsanto (musician, actor and inventor of theatrical objects). They all together created an individual show based on a collection of several circus acts, audience participation and the clown Tuto Tuls’ life, called “Mule Soul or The Pocket Circus”.
    This show was premiered in March 2006 at “La Isla de los Inventos” Theatre (Rosario, Argentina). In December 2007, he presented in the same theatre a new show called “The world has a loose screw”screw”.
    Other Shows of Tuto Tul:
    . 14 march 2006 in Rosario, Argentina premiere of “Circo de Bolsillo”
    . 28 july 2008 in Badajoz, Spain premiere of “Pista de Aterrizaje”.
    . 5 july 2009 en Talarrubias, Spain premiere of “Tuto Tul Cabaret”.
    . 15 may 2010 en Badajoz, Spain premiere of “Tuto Tul Frenesí”.
    . 11 august 2012 en Talavera la Real, Spain premiere of “Naturaleza Rota”.
    . 23 september 2012 Latinamerican premiere in Rosario, Argentina, of “Circo
    de Bolsillo”.
    . 14 october 2012 Latinamerican premiere in Rosario, Argentina, of
    “Naturaleza Rota”..