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  • Nombre Compañía : Trinity
  • Nombre Espectáculo : Si el mundo estuviera al revés...
  • Procedencia : Chile
  • Tipologia : Calle
  • Disciplinas : Antipodismo
  • Duracion : 30
  • Tiempo Montaje : 15
  • Tiempo Desmontaje : 15
  • Público al que va dirigido : Familiar
  • Número de Integrantes : 1

    In the endless streets, between the ground and the sky, a woman is looking for the brightness around the corners…
    Trinity surrounds us with her silence and the rhythm of the music, to bring us to an everyday and unexpected journey.
    Through ancient circus techniques and the parody of the present, this show invites us to think how would it be if the world were upside down.

    (Fotos: Nicole Oestreich)

    Born in Santiago de Chile in 1984.
    She studied Photography in Cordoba, Argentina and there she got to know the great world of circus.
    In 2006 she did her first tour as a juggler with the circus band “Corazón de Manzana”. One year later she created with a friend, the “Duo Tacha”and traveled Chile and Argentina featuring live music and street
    circus. Back in Chile she participated in various variety shows with an act called “Images with oxygen” where she fusionates photography and circus.
    In 2007 she traveled to Europe and toured for 5 years different countries with the caravan “La Mecha”, experiencing various forms of street art intervention.
    In 2011 she moved to Berlin and joined the circus-theater group “Family Krapouchnikov”. That same year she also created the company “Duoh!Lala” with the French artist Anaelle Molinario. And together they have
    participate until today in numerous street theater festivals and have received several awards.
    During 2013, she specialized in foot-juggling at the “Escola Nacional du Brasil” with the teacher Piraja, and created her solo show “Trifásica”, which has been presented in different festivals in Europe and South America.
    In 2015 she started to work in a new creation called “Daily Diary” where she fusionates antipodism with photojournalism.
    Lessons and Workshops she has taken:
    -Teatro físico con Nast Marrero, Canarias.
    -Danza teatral, escuela Arcis, Santiago de Chile.
    -Pantomimo y equilibrios con Vasily Protsenko, Madrid.
    -Teatro de objeto con la compañía Sobrevento, Río Janeiro.
    -Dramaturgia de teatro de calle con Antonio Zúñiga, Tarrega.
    -Antipodismo con Nata Gallina, Toulouse.
    -Antipodismo con Piraja , Escola du circo, Río de Janeiro.