Five Quartet Trio

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  • Nombre Compañía : Five Quartet Trio
  • Nombre Espectáculo : Bus Stop
  • Procedencia : Italia
  • Tipologia : Calle
  • Disciplinas : Acrobacia
  • Duracion : 50
  • Tiempo Montaje : 90
  • Tiempo Desmontaje : 60
  • Público al que va dirigido : Familiar
  • Número de Integrantes : 3

    A frantic employee, a sleepy worker and a strange light hearted character. Three people with nothing in common will get involved in a funny, boundless adventure, waiting for a bus that…
    BUS STOP is a show of great impact, amusing and ironic, the bus stop becomes the arena of a circus in which juggling, acrobatics and Chinese pole follow one another and merge.
    The public will be touched by this performance and little by little cut in on a dreamworld made of strong and fascinating contrasts… coming to face the important adventure of life: to discover the treasure hidden in the diversity of people.