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  • Nombre Compañía : BoogieLoop
  • Nombre Espectáculo : Show Time
  • Procedencia : Argentina
  • Tipologia : Calle
  • Disciplinas : Mimo
  • Duracion : 7 - 30 minutos
  • Tiempo Montaje : 15
  • Tiempo Desmontaje : 10
  • Público al que va dirigido : Familiar
  • Número de Integrantes : 1

    Show Time

    A young man of impeccable style and natural spontaneity.
    Boogieloop is loved by his audience at the moment he steps a foot up on the stage. With his 30min show, based in cinematic musical effects and visual story telling episodes, BoogieLoop will put a smile on each spectators face after each show.
    With an act of 7 to 30 minutes, based on film music and the narration of episodes, Boogieloop will leave a trail of happy individuals after each show.

    “Boogie Loop proofs in his show that he’s a master of facial expression. With impressive definition, he displays characters and tells stories. A show full of humour and perfect body control.” (Pflasterspektakel – International Street Art Festival Linz, Austria)