Pepa Cases

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  • Nombre Compañía : Pepa Cases - A Tempo Dansa
  • Nombre Espectáculo : De Traca
  • Procedencia : Spain
  • Tipologia : Calle
  • Disciplinas : Danza
  • Duracion : 25 minutes
  • Tiempo Montaje : 60
  • Tiempo Desmontaje : 30
  • Público al que va dirigido : Todos los públicos
  • Número de Integrantes : 1 artist + 1 technician

    De Traca

    "Traca" is a spanish term used for a large fireworks display used in festivities.
    "De traca" is a common expression used to refer to something or someone flashy or outrageous.

    When we feel the danger we run, we flee. Some of us are lucky to escape, some others fall by the wayside. And worst of all, this danger hardly ever has to do with us, but we are the ones who suffer it.

    "A dancer, the participation of the audience and the smell of gunpowder are the ingredients of this piece that, in a tender and poetic way, reflects on the refugees and how we position ourselves before this outrageous problem."

    A Tempo Dansa is a spanish dance company from Vila-real born in 2003 formed by young artists trained in theatre, dance and music.

    Pepa Cases is its driving force, responsible of telling stories, sometimes from a social critic point of view, sometimes in a personal and intim way, simple and minimalistic, in a universal way, but always through contemporary dance, live music and phisical theatre.

    They have toured in countries like Spain, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, México, Brasil, UK, Greece and France. Nowadays thei are the only profesional dance company based in Castellon.